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Welcome To Cab Cloud

A world of power, simplicity and excellence. We bring to you a new way to despatch your taxis which is changing the industry.

What is Cab Cloud?

Cab Cloud is 'cloud' based taxi despatch system. It moves away from the traditional systems which confine you to one workstation and carry huge setup costs.

Built with the support of members of the taxi industry with over 25 years of experience, our system allows you to perfom your functions with ease.

Some of Our system Features:

  • Built for and by taxi industry members
  • View Live Data
  • Favourite Locations
  • Store Regular Customers
  • Route based on drivers home route
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation
  • Current Driver positioning
  • Live Messaging

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In The cloud

Our software is in the cloud which means it has the latest technology whilst being safe, reliable, flexible and viewable from anywhere in the world.

Power. Simplicity.

We planned to deliver a product which was simple yet delivered the functionality that was needed. We've made no sacrifices, and know you will love the end result.

Built to be mobile

Not only do drivers have apps, you can keep a full watch on the activity of your office on the go too! Our system is not confined to one device - You can be on your mobile, tablet or PC screen.

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